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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Cellulose Nanocrystals from Lignocellulosic Raw Materials, for Oxygen Barrier Coatings on Food Packaging Films 1-mar-2017 R. RampazzoS. GazzottiM. A. OrtenziL. Piergiovanni + Article (author) -
Contamination of polyvinyl chloride cling films from cardboard packaging 1-gen-2014 V. GuazzottiL. PiergiovanniS. Limbo + Article (author) -
Design of a functional box for take away pizza 1-gen-1999 FAVA, PATRIZIAL. PiergiovanniE. Pagliarini Article (author) -
Effects of different sealing conditions on the seal strength of polypropylene films coated with a bio-based thin layer 1-gen-2009 S. FarrisL. IntrozziL. Piergiovanni + Article (author) -
Evaluation of a bio-coating as a solution to improve barrier, friction and optical properties of plastic films 1-gen-2009 S. FarrisL. IntrozziL. Piergiovanni Article (author) -
Identification of Diisobutyl Phthalate (DIBP) Suspected as Possible Contaminant in Recycled Cellulose for Take-away Pizza Boxes 1-gen-2009 M. BononiF. Tateo Article (author) -
Influence of Active Packaging on the Shelf-life of Minimally Processed Fish Products in a Modified Atmosphere 1-gen-2001 L. FranzettiL. PiergiovanniA. Galli + Article (author) -
Influence of packaging material on bread characteristics during ageing 1-gen-2006 M.A. PaganiM. LucisanoM. MariottiS. Limbo Article (author) -
Low O2 master bag for beef patties: effects of primary package permeability and structure 1-gen-2014 E. UboldiS. Limbo + Article (author) -
Measurement of ethylene permeability of plastic films 1-gen-1992 L. Piergiovanni + Article (author) -
Microbiological quality and shelf-life of chilled cod fillets in vacuum-skin and modified atmosphere packaging 1-gen-1993 A. GalliL. FranzettiL.Piergiovanni + Article (author) -
Modelling acidic corrosion of aluminium foil in contact with foods 1-ott-1990 L. PiergiovanniS. CiappellanoG. Testolin + Article (author) -
Modification of cellulose-based packaging materials for enzyme immobilization 1-gen-2010 E. MascheroniM. MarengoS. IamettiL. PiergiovanniF. Bonomi + Article (author) -
Performances of time-temperature indicators in the study of temperature exposure of packaged fresh foods 1-gen-2001 L. PiergiovanniA. Schiraldi + Article (author) -
The potential of nanocellulose in the packaging field : a review 1-giu-2015 F. LiE. MascheroniL. Piergiovanni Article (author) -
Quality changes of extra virgin olive oil packaged in coloured polyethylene terephthalate bottles stored under different lighting conditions 1-gen-2014 L. Piergiovanni + Article (author) -
Screening for chemicals in paper and board packaging for food use: chemometric approach and estimation of migration 1-gen-2015 V. GuazzottiL. PiergiovanniS. Limbo + Article (author) -
Screening of diesters of ortho-phthalic acid in printed baby bibs in the European market 1-mar-2022 Limbo S. + Article (author) -
The protective effect of film metallization against oxidative deterioration and discoloration of sensitive foods 1-gen-2004 L. PiergiovanniS. Limbo Article (author) -
Thinning of barrier layers in multiwall thermoformed packages 1-gen-1996 L. Piergiovanni + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 20
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