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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
A historical mortality study among bus drivers and bus maintenance workers exposed to urban air pollutants in the city of Genoa, Italy 2010 P.A. BertazziA.C. Pesatori + Article (author) -
Air pollution, obesity, genes and cellular adhesion molecules 2010 A. Baccarelli + Article (author) -
Associations of sickness absence for pain in the low back, neck and shoulders with wider propensity to pain 2020 Bonzini M. + Article (author) -
Blood hypomethylation of inflammatory genes mediates the effects of metal-rich airborne pollutants on blood coagulation 2013 L. TarantiniM. BonziniA. TripodiL. AngeliciNORDIO, FRANCESCOL. CantoneP.A. BertazziA. Baccarelli + Article (author) -
Byssinosis and lung health among cotton textile workers: Baseline findings of the MultiTex trial in Karachi, Pakistan 2023 De Matteis S. + Article (author) -
Cleaning products and respiratory health outcomes in occupational cleaners: a systematic review and meta-analysis 2021 De Matteis S. + Article (author) -
Considerations of circadian impact for defining 'shift work' in cancer studies : IARC working group report 2011 G. Costa + Article (author) -
Dermal exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in asphalt workers 2010 S. FustinoniL. CampoLONGHI, OMARV. FoàP.A. Bertazzi + Article (author) -
Development of new tools for bringing pesticide risk assessment in the small size enterprises and in the developing world 2018 Colosio, C Article (author) -
Dioxin exposure and non-malignant health effects : a mortality study 1998 A.C. PesatoriP.A. Bertazzi + Article (author) -
Dynamics of the seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies among healthcare workers at a COVID-19 referral hospital in Milan, Italy 2021 Lai, AlessiaPezzati, LauraBergna, AnnalisaConti, FedericoMeroni, CristinaGalli, MassimoAntinori, Spinello + Article (author) -
The epidemiology of malignant mesothelioma in women : Gender differences and modalities of asbestos exposure 2018 A. Pesatori + Article (author) -
Experiences and lessons learnt in the preparation of lists of occupational diseases and of the related diagnostic criteria 2018 Colosio, C Article (author) -
Exposure-response relation for occupational exposure to respirable quartz and lung cancer risk : performance of a quantitative vs a semi-quantitative job-exposure matrix 2011 A. CattaneoP.A. BertazziD. Cavallo + Article (author) -
Hepatitis E virus infection : an emerging occupational risk in pig handlers? 2016 R. TabibiC. Colosio + Article (author) -
International variation in absence from work attributed to musculoskeletal illness : findings from the CUPID study 2013 M. BonziniM. CarugnoA.C. Pesatori + Article (author) -
Lifetime occupation and physical function : a prospective cohort study on persons aged 80 years and older living in a community 2006 M. Cesari + Article (author) -
Malignant mesothelioma due to non-occupational asbestos exposure from the Italian national surveillance system (ReNaM) : epidemiology and public health issues 2015 A.C. Pesatori + Article (author) -
Modelling of occupational respirable quartz exposure for quantitative exposure assessment in multinational community-based case-control studies 2011 D. CavalloA. Cattaneo + Article (author) -
Mortality from cancer and other causes among Italian chrysotile asbestos miners 2017 C. PelucchiC. L. Vecchia + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 39
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