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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
A catalog of molecular diversity of Prunus germplasm gathered from aligning NGS reads to the peach reference sequence : bioinformatic approaches and challenges 1-gen-2013 D. BassiL. Rossini + Article (author) -
A defective ABC transporter of the MRP family, responsible for the bean lpa1 mutation, affects the regulation of the phytic acid pathway, reduces seed myo-inositol and alters ABA sensitivity 1-gen-2011 E. CassaniS.R. Pilu + Article (author) -
A maize mutant with an altered vascular pattern 1-gen-2000 M. LandoniG. GavazziG. ConsonniS. Dolfini + Article (author) -
A multidisciplinary study of archaeological grape seeds 1-gen-2010 F. Geuna + Article (author) -
A mutation in the FZL gene of Arabidopsis causing alteration in chloroplast morphology results in a lesion mimic phenotype 1-nov-2013 M. LandoniA. De FrancescoBELLATTI, SILVIAR. PiluM. BononiC. Tonelli + Article (author) -
A paramutation phenomenon is involved in the genetics of maize low phytic acid1-241 (lpa1-241) trait 1-mar-2009 S.R. PiluE. CassaniF. Cerino BadoneM.V. Landoni + Article (author) -
A qNMR approach for bitterness phenotyping and QTL identification in an F1 apricot progeny 1-gen-2012 D. Bassi + Article (author) -
A quantitative trait locus involved in maize yield is tightly associated to the r1 gene on the long arm of chromosome 10 1-ago-2012 S. R. PiluA. BucciL. CasellaC. LagoF. Cerino BadoneE. CassaniM. Landoni Article (author) -
The a1-eap Allele of A1 represents a specific Marker for the selection of embryogenetic mutants 1-gen-2004 G. GavazziR. Pilu + Article (author) -
AAG deletion in the zinc finger domain of Ra1 maize gene causes its functional loss 1-gen-2004 R. PiluE. Cassani + Conference Object -
Abscisic acid is a major regulator of grape berry ripening onset: new insights into ABA signaling network 1-giu-2017 G. CastorinaC. TonelliM. Galbiati + Article (author) -
Abundant cis-acting Regulatory Variation Affecting Maize Gene Expression 1-gen-2004 G. PeaM.E. Pè + Conference Object -
Addressing the molecular bases of heterosis in maize (Zea mays L.) 1-gen-2004 G. Pea Doctoral Thesis -
Addressing the role of microRNAs in reprogramming leaf growth during drought stress in Brachypodium distachyon 1-mar-2013 D.S. HornerL. GianfranceschiV. PiccoloE. Mica + Article (author) -
Advances in marker-assisted selection for scab resistance in apple and cloning of the Vf gene 1-gen-2002 L. Gianfranceschi + Article (author) -
AFLP-based bulk segregant analysis for tagging the slow-ripening trait in peach [Prunus persica (L.) Batsch] 1-gen-2010 A. SpadaC. PozziD. Bassi + Article (author) -
Agricoltura sostenibile e microrganismi utili 1-gen-2006 Francesco Salamini Book Part (author) -
Agriculture in Marginal Areas: Reintroduction of Rye and Wheat Varieties for Breadmaking in the Antrona Valley 1-lug-2022 Federico ColomboMartina GhidoliElena CassaniMatias PasqualiAndrea BrescianiAlessandra MartiMatteo Dell’AnnoLuciana RossiMichela LandoniRoberto Pilu + Article (author) -
Agronomic and molecular analyses for the characterisation of accessions in Tunisian olive germplasm collections 1-gen-2006 F. GeunaD. Bassi + Article (author) -
AMBRA (nuova varietà Prunus persica (L) Batsch) 15-ott-1997 Daniele Bassi Patent -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 574
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