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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
3-(Methoxycarbonylmethylene)isobenzofuran-1-imines as a new class of potential herbicides 1-gen-2014 Araniti F. + Article (author) -
A drought resistance-promoting microbiome is selected by root system under desert farming 1-ott-2012 R. MarascoE. RolliB. EttoumiG. ViganiF. MapelliS. BorinC. SorliniG. ZocchiD.G. Daffonchio + Article (author) -
A novel heterotrophic arsenite-oxidizing bacterium isolated from arsenic-polluted groundwater of Lombardia (Italy) 1-lug-2013 A. CorsiniL. CavalcaP. ZaccheoV. Andreoni + Conference Object -
A qNMR approach for bitterness phenotyping and QTL identification in an F1 apricot progeny 1-gen-2012 D. Bassi + Article (author) -
A shield against the sun 1-gen-1998 I. Murgia Article (author) -
Achillea collina response to biotic and abiotic stresses: a comparative evaluation of volatile emissions pathways 1-gen-2011 C.N. NANAYAKKARAWASAM MASACHCHIGEA. GIORGIS. PANSERIG.C. LOZZIAL.M. CHIESAP. BIONDIM. COCUCCI Article (author) -
Acqua e riso : valori agronomico e ambientale a confronto 1-lug-2015 A. FacchiE. ChiaradiaG. SacchiC. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Adaptation of soil microorganisms to trace element contamination : a review of mechanisms, methodologies, and consequences for risk assessment and remediation 1-gen-2012 PUGLISI, EDOARDOD. Coppolecchia + Article (author) -
Adaptation of the mitochondrial systems of Rhodotorula gracilis to low oxygen pressure 1-gen-1975 M. Cocucci + Article (author) -
Adaptation to iron deficiency requires remodelling of plant metabolism : An insight in chloroplast biochemistry and functionality 1-gen-2009 S. Donnini + Book Part (author) -
Adaptive response of Vitis spp. and Prunus spp. to Fe-deficiency induced by HCO3- 1-gen-2001 L. BrancadoroTAMAI, GIULIAG. ZocchiO. Failla Article (author) -
Adaptive responses to high concentration of HCO3- in Cabernet sauvignon 1-gen-1996 L. BrancadoroG. Zocchi + Article (author) -
Adaptive responses to iron deficiency in callus cultures of two cultivars of Vitis spp. 1-ago-2003 C. PiagnaniP. De NisiL. EspenG. Zocchi Article (author) -
Adaptive strategies of Parietaria diffusa (M.&K.) to calcareous habitat with limited iron availability 1-gen-2012 S. DonniniP. De NisiD. GabottiL. TatoG. Zocchi Article (author) -
Adatpation of Rotothorula gracilis metabolism to utilize ammonium or nitrate as nitrogen source 1-gen-1981 COCUCCI, MAURIZIAS.M. Cocucci Article (author) -
Adattamento metabolico di calli di actinidia deliciosa in presenza di alte concentrazioni di 3-O-metil glucosio. 1-gen-1994 G.A. SacchiA. AbruzzeseN. NegriniA. RivettaM. Cocucci + Book Part (author) -
Adattamento metabolico in piante di riso mutanti knock-down nell’espressione del trasportatore mitocondriale del ferro (MIT) 17-set-2013 G. ViganiF. CasiraghiL. TatoG. Zocchi + Conference Object -
Aerobic biodegradation of propylene glycol by soil bacteria 1-set-2013 L. CavalcaV. AndreoniS. Ciccazzo + Article (author) -
Aerobic solid-state processes to mitigate greenhouses gas emission in municipal solid waste management 1-gen-2010 B. SCAGLIAV. ORZIF. ADANI Book Part (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 1.335
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