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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
A catalog of molecular diversity of Prunus germplasm gathered from aligning NGS reads to the peach reference sequence : bioinformatic approaches and challenges 1-gen-2013 D. BassiL. Rossini + Article (author) -
A computer program for record-keeping and seedling evaluation in fruit trees 1-gen-1990 D.Bassi + Article (author) -
A new somaclone of Prunus avium shows diverse growth pattern under different spectral quality of radiation 1-gen-2002 M.C. Piagnani + Article (author) -
A qNMR approach for bitterness phenotyping and QTL identification in an F1 apricot progeny 1-gen-2012 D. Bassi + Article (author) -
A Somaclonal variant in 'Hedelfinger' sweet cherry 1-gen-2005 M.C. Piagnani + Article (author) -
Aboveground biomass estimation for Italian poplar SRF 1-ott-2005 O. Failla + Book Part (author) -
Acclimation to partial shading or full sunlight determines the performance of container-grown fraxinus ornus to subsequent drought stress 1-gen-2014 A. Fini + Article (author) -
Accumulo e profilo antocianico in relazione al microclima termico e luminoso in Croatina, Sangiovese, Syrah e Nebbiolo 1-gen-2007 L. RustioniM. RossoniG. ColaO. Failla + Article (author) -
Accumulo zuccherino nele uve e maturazione polifenolica 1-apr-2011 L. ValentiI. Ghiglieno Article (author) -
Aceri nativi dell'ambiente mediterraneo 1-ott-2002 M. Baietto + Article (author) -
Actual and possible impact of grapevine local varieties on viticulture : the Italian case 1-gen-2007 O. FAILLAL. BRANCADOROA. SCIENZA Article (author) -
Adaptation des porte-greffes et des cépages aux conditiones pédo-climatiques de l’Italie 1-gen-2001 A. ScienzaO. FaillaL. Brancadoro Article (author) -
Adaptation des porte-greffes et des cépages aux conditions pédo-climatiques de l'italie 1-gen-2001 A. ScienzaO. FaillaL. Brancadoro Article (author) -
Adaptive response of Vitis spp. and Prunus spp. to Fe-deficiency induced by HCO3- 1-gen-2001 L. BrancadoroTAMAI, GIULIAG. ZocchiO. Failla Article (author) -
Adaptive responses to high concentration of HCO3- in Cabernet sauvignon 1-gen-1996 L. BrancadoroG. Zocchi + Article (author) -
Adaptive responses to iron deficiency in callus cultures of two cultivars of Vitis spp. 1-ago-2003 C. PiagnaniP. De NisiL. EspenG. Zocchi Article (author) -
Adattabilità di Castanea crenata, sativa e loro ibridi alla coltura in vitro 1-gen-1992 M. C. PiagnaniT. Eccher + Book Part (author) -
Advances in grape phenotyping: pigment characterization by reflectance and theoretical chemistry 1-gen-2015 L. RustioniL. RocchiO. Failla + Article (author) -
AFLP-based bulk segregant analysis for tagging the slow-ripening trait in peach [Prunus persica (L.) Batsch] 1-gen-2010 A. SpadaC. PozziD. Bassi + Article (author) -
Agroclimatic characterisation of European mountain viticultural areas 1-gen-2006 O. Failla + Book Part (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 1.190
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