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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
105. Congresso SBI. Guida all’escursione post congresso, Macugnaga, 28 Agosto 2010 1-ago-2010 C. AndreisM. Caccianiga Working Paper -
3-D distribution of nongeniculate corallinales: a case study from a reef crest of South Sinai (Red Sea, Egypt) 1-dic-2009 G. Rodondi + Article (author) -
A comparative study between Lithotamnion minervae and the type material of Millepora fasciculata (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) 1-gen-2004 G. Rodondi + Article (author) -
A re-description of Lithothamnion crispatum and the status of Lithothamnion superpositum (Rhodophyta, Corallinales) 1-gen-2011 G. Rodondi + Article (author) -
Abundance and diversity data of arthropod community response to land-use change and species invasion 1-gen-2018 Gianalberto Losapio Dataset -
Alien plant species invade by occupying similar functional spaces to native species 1-ago-2019 Caccianiga M.Pierce S.Zanzottera M. + Article (author) -
Alpine debris-covered glaciers as a habitat for plant life 1-set-2011 M.S. CaccianigaC. AndreisG.A. DiolaiutiC. D'AgataC.E. MihalceaC. Smiraglia Article (author) -
An electrophoretic approach to Basidiomycetes taxonomy: intraspecific variability, varieties, ecological influences 1-gen-2009 G. TedescoGALLI, ROBERTOL. Carraro Article (author) -
Analisi preliminari sulla dinamica di vegetazione nel SIN Brescia-Caffaro 1-gen-2009 M.S. CaccianigaCAPRETTI, ALBERTO + Article (author) -
Antihypertensive phytocomplexes of proven efficacy and weel-established use: mode of action and individual characterization of the active constituents 1-nov-2019 Cristiano BolchiMarco Pallavicini + Article (author) -
The aquatic carnivorous plant Aldrovanda vesiculosa (Droseraceae) exhibits altered developmental stages in male gametophyte 1-gen-2020 Onelli, ElisabettaBeretta, MarioMoscatelli, AlessandraCaccianiga, MarcoPozzi, MicheleStroppa, Nadia + Article (author) -
The assembly of a plant network in alpine vegetation 1-gen-2018 LOSAPIO G + Article (author) -
The assembly of plant–patch networks in Mediterranean alpine grasslands 1-mag-2020 LOSAPIO G + Article (author) -
Assessing nutrient responses and biomass quality for selection of appropriate paludiculture crops 1-gen-2019 Lambertini C. + Article (author) -
Biotic disturbance in expanding subarctic forests along the eastern coast of Hudson Bay 1-gen-2008 M. Caccianiga + Article (author) -
Botanica e zoologia forense 1-gen-2009 M. CaccianigaC. Compostella Book Part (author) -
The c4 atriplex halimus vs. The c3 atriplex hortensis: Similarities and differences in the salinity stress response 1-gen-2021 Manfrini L.Lambertini C. + Article (author) -
Caratterizzazione morfologica, genetica ed ecologica di popolamenti di Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin ex Steudel in aree umide della pianura bolognese 1-gen-2006 Lambertini C. + Book Part (author) -
Carbohydrate reserves and seed development : an overview 1-set-2018 Kiegle, EdwardLeo, GiuliaEzquer, Ignacio + Article (author) -
Characterizing the allopolyploid species among the wild relatives of soybean : utility of reduced representation genotyping methodologies 1-gen-2017 Bombarely, Aureliano + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 211
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