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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
1st European Meeting on WARM : a rice modelling experience : preface to the special issue 20-ott-2006 R. Confalonieri Article (author) -
A Component-Based Framework for Simulating Agricultural Production and Externalities 1-gen-2010 M. AcutisL. BechiniS. BregaglioR. ConfalonieriD. Ditto + Book Part (author) -
A jackknife-derived visual approach for sample size determination 12-apr-2004 R. Confalonieri Article (author) -
A methodology for designing and evaluating alternative cropping systems : Application on dairy and arable farms 1-gen-2012 M. FumagalliM. AcutisG. SaliL. Bechini + Article (author) -
A model for simulating the height of rice plants 1-gen-2011 R. ConfalonieriS. BregaglioROSENMUND, ALEXANDRA STELLAM. Acutis + Article (author) -
A new approach for determining rice critical nitrogen concentration 1-gen-2011 R. CONFALONIERIBARTOLI, ANDREAR. BULGARIS. LONATIF. PERAZZOLOS. BREGAGLIOA. PEREGOM. ACUTIS + Article (author) -
A proposal of an indicator for quantifying model robustness based on the relationship between variability of errors and of explored conditions 5-gen-2010 R. ConfalonieriS. BregaglioM. Acutis Article (author) -
A software component to compute agro-meteorological indicators 14-nov-2010 R. Confalonieri + Article (author) -
A: Agronomia generale e meccanizzazione 1-gen-2012 S. Bocchi + Book (author) -
Aboveground Yield and Biomass Quality of Giant Reed (Arundo donax L.) as Affected by Harvest Time and Frequency 1-gen-2015 G. Ragaglini + Article (author) -
Acqua e riso : valori agronomico e ambientale a confronto 1-lug-2015 A. FacchiE. ChiaradiaG. SacchiC. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Adoption of non-inversion tillage across Europe : use of a behavioural approach in understanding decision making of farmers 1-gen-2018 Bechini, L. + Article (author) -
The AgMIP Coordinated Climate-Crop Modeling Project (C3MP): Methods and Protocols 1-gen-2015 Francesca Orlando + Book Part (author) -
Agri-environmental assessment of extractable soil phosphorus at the regional scale 1-gen-2009 N. CastoldiL. Bechini + Article (author) -
Agri-Environmental Indicators: A Selected Review to Support Impact Assessment of New EU Green Deal Policies 1-apr-2022 Bertoni, DaniloCavicchioli, DanieleBocchi, Stefano + Article (author) -
AgriCO2ltura : evaluation of techniques for increasing soil organic carbon sequestration and reducing CO2 emission in agricultural system 4-giu-2013 A. GiussaniA. PeregoL. AlfieriM. CarozziM. ChiodiniM. FumagalliM. SannaS. CorsiA. TosiniM. Acutis + Conference Object -
Agricoltura di precisione 1-gen-2007 S. Bocchi Book Part (author) -
Agricoltura e territorio 1-gen-2009 C. SorliniG. SaliS. BocchiE. Casiraghi + Multimedia Object (author) -
Agricoltura tra passato, presente e futuro 1-gen-2011 S. BocchiC. Sorlini Book Part (author) -
Agro-ecological analysis for the EU water framework directive : an applied case study for the river contract of the Seveso basin (Italy) 1-ott-2012 S. Bocchi + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 833
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