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Title: A numerical and experimental study of compliance and collapsibility of preterm lamb tracheae
Authors: ACOCELLA, FABIO (Second to last author)
Abstract: Knowledge of the mechanical behaviour of immature tracheae is crucial in order to understand the effects exerted on central airways by ventilatory treatments, particularly of Total Liquid Ventilation. In this study, a combined experimental and computational approach was adopted to investigate the compliance and particularly collapsibility of preterm Iamb tracheae in the range of pressure likely applied during Total Liquid Ventilation (-30 to 30cmH(2)O). Tracheal samples of preterm lambs (n = 5; gestational age 120-130 days) were tested by altering transmural pressure from -30 to 30cmH(2)O. Inflation (S-i) and collapsing (S-c) compliance values were calculated in the ranges 0 to 10cmH(2)O and -10 to 0 cmH(2)O, respectively. During the tests, all asymmetric behaviour of the DeltaV/V-0 vs. P Curves at positive and negative pressure was observed, with mean S-i = 0.013 cmH(2)O(-1) and S-c = 0.053 cmH(2)O(-1). A different deformed configuration of the sample regions was observed, depending on the posterior shape of cartilaginous ring. A three-dimensional finite-element structural model of a single tracheal ring, based on histology measurements of the tested samples was developed. The model was parameterised in order to represent rings belonging to three different tracheal regions (craniad, median, caudal) and numerical analyses replicating the collapse test conditions were performed to evaluate the ring collapsibility at pressures between 0 and -30 cmH(2)O. Stimulation results were compared to experimental data to verify the model's reliability. The best model predictions occurred at pressures -30 to - 10 cmH(2)O. In this range, a model composed of median rings best interpreted the experimental data, with a maximum error of 2.7% a model composed of an equal combination of all rings yielded an error of 12.6%.
Keywords: premature airway mechanics ; tracheal compliance tests ; collapsibility ; finite-element model ; Total Liquid Ventilation
MIUR subjects: null
Publication date: Dec-2004
Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.1016/j.jbiomech.2004.02.035
Citation: A numerical and experimental study of compliance and collapsibility of preterm lamb tracheae / M.L. Costantino, P. Bagnoli, G. Dini, G.B. Fiore, M. Soncini, C. Corno, F. Acocella, R. Colombi. - In: Journal of biomechanics. - ISSN 0021-9290. - ISSN 1873-2380. - 37:12(2004 Dec), pp. 1837-1847.
ISI identifier: 000225192800006
Scopus identifier: 7444220748
Type: Article (author)

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