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Title: Orthotopic ileal neobladders in men and women : techniques and comparison
Authors: DE COBELLI, OTTAVIO (Second to last author)
ROCCO, FRANCESCO (First author)
Abstract: PURPOSE: evaluation of results and complications of ileal orthotopic neobladders in men and women with transitional cell carcinoma. MATERIALS AND METHODS: between 12-89 and 12-95 we performed 146 radical cystectomy for bladder neoplasm, in 32 patients we can perform ileal orthotopic neobladder, 29 were male and 3 were female. Oncologic indications to this kind of operation were: clinical stage T2, T3a, T3b, T1G3 multicentric and or recurrence, absence of metastasis absence of nodal metastasis, negativity of urethral biopsy. General contraindications were urethral stenosis and incontinence. Oncological contraindications, in woman, were bladder neck neoplasm or urethral neoplasm. In 4 patients we use Camey II technique, in 19 pts we performed the paduan ileal neobladder, in 9 pts we use Hautmann technique. 7 patients performed neoadjuvant chemotherapy with 4 circles of MVAC, 4 pts underwent adjuvant chemotherapy, and 2 pts salvage chemotherapy. In woman we take care during cystectomy to dissect cardinal ligament very close to cervix uteri, to resect the uterosacral ligament far to the sacrum. We did not dissect under the ureter and we cut the urethra 0.5-1 cm far from the bladder neck. RESULTS: follow up was between 6 and 66 months. 24 patients are now alive and disease free, 2 patients are alive with disease progression, 1 have a pelvic recurrence and 1 have pulmonary recurrence. 4 pts died for disease progression and 2 for non oncological cause, quality of life was considered as regard to continence and sexual activity. 1 pts was completely incontinent and 1 pts has nocturnal incontinence with a daily micturation every 1 hour. We can evaluate only 18 patients for sexual activity and 4 reported normal erection. COMPLICATIONS: in three cases we had to reoperate for early complications due to mechanical bowel obstruction, ileocutaneous fistula and wound dehiscence. In three cases we had the formation of stones, in two patients ureteroileal stenosis, in two cases urethro-ileal stenosis and 1 reflux from the neobladder. Orthotopic ileal neobladder allows a very good quality of life and is the first choice derivation after radical cystectomy.
MIUR subjects: MED/24 - Urologia
Publication date: Dec-1996
Citation: Orthotopic ileal neobladders in men and women : techniques and comparison / F. Rocco, E. Scardino, L. Carmignani, B. Frea, G. Strada, E. Kocjancic, V. Franchini, O. de Cobelli, M. Panizzutti. - In: Archivio Italiano di urologia e andrologia. - ISSN 1124-3562. - 68:5(1996 Dec), pp. 293-298.
Type: Article (author)

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