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Title: Culture, environmental psychology, and well-being : an emergent theoretical framework
Authors: RAINISIO, NICOLA (First author)
Abstract: The concept of nature has a great variability across cultures and could be considered as an artifact that contains and conveys cultural information. The cross-cultural research on nature suggests that culture is a valuable theoretical framework to understand the wide range of place-oriented attitudes, emotions, and perceptions. Although it is a classic theme in the environmental psychology field, the positive psychological effects triggered by natural environments have been poorly investigated in a cross-cultural perspective, favoring an evolutionary orientation in attempting to settle universal processes. Our contribution criticizes this mainstream view suggesting a crossbreeding with some key concepts coming from positive and cultural psychology (optimal experience, flourishing, positive emotions, vitality, cultural self). Highlighting some recent researches with an alternative view of the nature-well-being relationship, we aim to propose a wider framework encompassing natural areas, positive place experiences and cultures of belonging.
Keywords: environmental psychology ; cultural psychology ; culture ; nature ; positive psychology ; well-being
MIUR subjects: M-PSI/05 - Psicologia Sociale
Publication date: 2012
Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.1007/978-94-007-4611-4_7
Citation: Culture, environmental psychology, and well-being : an emergent theoretical framework / N. Rainisio, P. Inghilleri di Villadauro (Cross-Cultural Advancements in Positive Psychology ; 3). - In: Well-Being and Cultures Perspectives from Positive Psychology / [a cura di] H. H. Knoop, A. Delle Fave. - Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands, 2012. - ISBN 978-94-007-4610-7. - pp. 103-116
Type: Book Part (author)

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