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Title: Audio convolution by the mean of GPU : CUDA and OpenCL implementations
Authors: MAURO, DAVIDE ANDREA (First author)
Abstract: This paper focuses on the use of GPGPU (General-Purpose computing on Graphics Processing Units) for audio processing. This is a promising approach to problems where a high parallelization of tasks is desirable. Within the context of binaural spatialization we will develop a convolution engine having in mind both offline and real- time scenarios, and the support for multiple sound sources. Details on implementations and strategies used with both dominant technologies, namely CUDA and OpenCL, will be presented highlighting both advantages and issues. Comparisons between this approach and typical CPU implementations will be presented as well as between frequency (FFT) and time-domain approaches. Results will show that benefits exist in terms of execution time for a number of situations.
Keywords: GPGPU ; convolution ; CUDA ; OpenCL ; signal processing
MIUR subjects: INF/01 - Informatica
Publication date: Apr-2012
Sponsors: French Acoustical Society (SFA)
European Acoustics Associations (EAA)
Institute of Acoustics (IOA)
Citation: Audio convolution by the mean of GPU : CUDA and OpenCL implementations / D.A. Mauro - In: Proceedings of the Acoustics 2012 Nantes Conference : 11th Congrès Français d'Acoustique : 2012 IOA annual meeting : 23-27 April 2012 Nantes, France : congress programme and abstractsNantes : SFA, 2012 Apr. - ISBN 978-2-919340-01-9. (( Intervento presentato al 11. convegno Acoustics tenutosi a Nantes nel 2012.
Type: Book Part (author)

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